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Patricia R. Labeda, C.Ht
Forensic Hypnotist/Author 
My name is Patricia Labeda.  I am retired from law enforcement in Kerrville, TX.  As a hypnotist I am certified in pediatrics, emergency and forensic hypnosis.

At age twenty-nine I was divorced with 3 young children resulting in both physical and emotional problems that eventually lead to a  life threatening illness.  I sought out a physician who used both traditional and mind-body medicines and modalities.

I was a smoker. 2 packs a day. I was also a drinker. Essentially,  unwittingly I was killing myself.

Upon being hypnotized  I never again smoked a cigarette.  I then  used self-hypnosis to help me cope with physical pain, depression and the continuing urges for unhealthy indulgences, while undergoing  medical treatment.

At 77-years-of-age I am now healthy and credit God's gift of hypnosis for saving my life.  Once I regained my health I studied the art of hypnosis and then, being aware of a shortage of nurses,  took a crash course in emergency medicine and worked as a ward paramedic on an Oncology unit in a hospital for four years.  I then went on to work in child-development; mental health and finally law enforcement.

Life is about choices.  Why play the role of a victim?  If you don't like the situation you are in...choose another path and believe in your intrinsic ability to succeed.

Anyone can be hypnotized...and everyone has been at one time or another.  For those who believe they haven't, but would like to know the wonderful relaxing experience that is hypnosis, I invite you to give me a call for an appointment.  The continued use of self-hypnosis prolonged my life, let me help you do the same.

My rate is reasonable for private sessions ($49.) which last approximately  1.5 hours, during which time instructions are also given for self-hypnosis to help with future problems and/or goals.

Self-hypnosis is a means for you to tap into a reservoir of unlimited potential to improve your health; overcome addictive behavior and manage pain. Small group sessions (2 or more) are available at $35. per person.

Speaking engagements are also offered on the subject of hypnosis for church groups and clubs, as well as small group sessions.

For appointment: (830) 257-3041 or email:
Located in the beautiful Hill Country of the LoneStar State of Texas